Powder Girl of the Day: Rosie Ledet

Ok–So I LOVE this hot Zydeco chick! And not in the way you dirty folk out there are thinkin’! N0–I love her style, her passion, her way of playing that darn accordion she plays…I admire her. Interesting fact: While many Zydeco musicians inherit this style of music from family members…she didn’t get interested in Zydeco music until she was well into her teens. Attending a Zydeco dance when she was sixteen, not only did she become interested in Zydeco music, she met her future husband, Morris Ledet. Her husband sounds like a dreamy guy because he stepped aside and became her bass guitar accompaniment, just so she could have the spotlight (sigh!). She learned to play the accordian watching him (Wikipedia). I had the opportunity to see her play at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance http://shakorihillsgrassroots.org/over the weekend and she was hot, hot, HOT! She got the crowd HYPE! It’s very, very gratifying to see black artists doing something other than R&B and hip-hop. Don’t get me wrong, I like both types of music. It’s just that many black musicians have backed themselves into a corner in terms of variety of music in their pursuit of fame and wealth. Rosie Ledet showed me that artisan styles of music in the black community are alive and well! Rock on, Rosie. Rock on! Wanna see her play yourself? Check out her tour schedule! Here’s the link: http://www.myspace.com/rosieledet and http://www.rosieledet.net/


About pwdergirl1

Powder Girl believes powerful women rock! Powderful girls are everywhere. My mission is to find you and show the rest of the world have fabulous you are!
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