France Rocks! CMJ Nights Oct 19-20, 2011 NYC

Just when I think I’m done blogging for the day I find a totally rockin’ music event like this one. Awesome. I am not only jealous, I am seriously considering a move to NYC just to attend this event. I don’t care. I’ll live in a ratty, thimble-sized apartment for this. Did I mention that this event is free? Why doesn’t North Carolina have kick ass parties like this? French Music Export and French Cultural services are teaming up to present this annual musical treat. Make the Girl Dance. Hindi Zhara (pic above). Revolver. Zenzile. Chateau Marmont. If you don’t know these groups. You’re not cool. But you can be. Just click this link: RSVP and show up, silly. It’s free! (Cool guys below are from Revolver)


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Powder Girl believes powerful women rock! Powderful girls are everywhere. My mission is to find you and show the rest of the world have fabulous you are!
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