Powder Girl of the Day: CeU

I first heard CeU’s (pronounced Say-oo, it’s Portuguese for ‘sky’) music while listening to a story on NPR. She is the first of many Brazilian artists to come in my ‘Powder Girl of the Day’ series. I find Brazilian music, as a whole, to be some of the best music in the world. CeU, born Maria do Ceu Whitaker Pocas, decided to forgo high school in favor of a musical education. Born into a musical family, she is the daughter of a Brazilian composer and musicologist.  By the time she was in her late teens, she was already studying music theory and had already performed with major recording artists. While still a teen, she moved to New York temporarily and while there, met up with another famous Brazilian–City of God musical composer, Antonio Pinto. He became her roommate while going through financial difficulties and she later learned he was a distant cousin. The pair created beautiful music together, recording her self-titled, debut album in 2005 and earning her a Latin Grammy nomination in 2006. Not bad for her first attempt at a professional music career. I love the way she mixes and melds funk, reggae, samba and soul to create a blend that is uniquely her own. CeU says much of her music, like most Brazilian music, has deep African influences. Believe me, if you listen to her music, you will be transported to another funkier place that’s far better than the two-dimensional music world you currently live in. Vagarosa is (I believe) her latest album and was nominated in 2010 for Best Brazilian Pop Album at the Latin American Grammy Awards. Funny enough, Starbuck’s pushed her to new heights in her career when they chose her for their ‘Hear Music Debut’ series of musicians. She is one of the hottest artists you have never heard of. For those of you looking for hot new talent for your music festivals, you need to give CeU’s people a call. If you can afford her, she’s priceless. Get funky, be cool. Buy her album, or at least click on this link: http://sixdegreesrecords.com/artists.php?artist=C%E9U or http://www.ceumusic.com/blog/There’s a free download of one of her songs the Six Degrees Record site. I will find my way to meeting and interviewing her one of these days. One of my over-used adjectives is about to follow: AWESOME! Rock on, Ceu. ROCK ON!


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Powder Girl believes powerful women rock! Powderful girls are everywhere. My mission is to find you and show the rest of the world have fabulous you are!
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