Powder Girl of the Day: Hindi Zhara

 Hindi Zhara is one of the performers that will be present at ‘France Rocks CMJ Nights’ in New York this coming Wednesday and Thursday at 88 9th Ave. Don’t ask me if that’s Manhattan’cause I ain’t sure! I do know if you live in the city, it should be fairly easy to hustle your lazy butt on over there. I like this artist because she is un cheval de deux chemin, that is to say she belongs to two worlds, artistically. The love child of a Moroccan mother and a French father, she was raised primarily by her colorful actress/singer mother in the city of Khouribga. She cleverly inverted her birth name to add texture to her name as an artist. Traditional jobs were not in the future of this chanteuse. After a few scattered attempts at regular work, she cut the strings of convention, chased after and captured the dream of a career as a singer. Her lyrics evoke the lyrical richness of Billy Holiday and Lauren Hill, with the smoky undertones of a jazz club after dark and the delicious spiciness of Rai and Chaabi music. Very smooth. Very sexy. Despite her heritage, most of her music is in English. Hindi felt it was easier to express her words in this medium. You’ll want to get in the hot tub with her lyrics, a yummy man, candles, a bottle of good wine and a box of good quality condoms. Yeah, I just said that. Experience her yourself here: http://www.hindi-zahra.com/ or, if you’re lucky, at CMJ Nights this Wednesday in NY City. I’m coining a new term: ‘Hindi Rock’. You need to Hindi Rock with me and check out this rockin’ babe.


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Powder Girl believes powerful women rock! Powderful girls are everywhere. My mission is to find you and show the rest of the world have fabulous you are!
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