Powder Girl of the Day: Dorotea Godinez

It’s not often that I come across a woman who is so selfless and single-minded in her determination to care for her family. Leaving behind a husband and four children, 43 year-old Dorotea Godinez (pic to the left) left her native Philippines to teach in the hard-core, inner city schools of Baltimore, Maryland. Now, I am originally from Baltimore and my mother was smart enough to move myself and my four other siblings out of the city before it became a script for ‘The Wire’. Most would think it was pure madness to go from the challenge of living in a country where the per capita income is around $2200 per year and more than 37% of the population lives below the poverty line, to moving to a city where unemployment hovers around 11% and more than 25% of residents are below the poverty line (corymccray.com). But not Mrs. Godinez. Squaring her shoulders, she made the decision to leap across the world to Baltimore where she would make 25 times more than she had been earning in the Philippines. It was a price she was willing to pay to ensure that her four sons had a better future and that her husband was comfortably cared for while he took over the domestic reins. In addition to the change in geographical location, she had to deal with cultural differences. For instance, in the US, kids are taught to speak up, be independent. Whereas in the Philippines, kids are seen and not heard. The change was striking. Not only were kids in her classroom speaking up, they were speaking out, sometimes disrespectfully. But poor is poor, and many of the challenges of the poor are the same the world over. Because of the many factors Dorotea Godinez has overcome in her six years of teaching in the Baltimore City school system, she more than deserves to be Powder Girl of the Day. She deserves to be Powder Girl of the Week. While you are in the midst of a petty complaint about something that may happen during your day, think of this woman’s sacrifices and yours will seem small in comparison. Rock on, Dorotea. ROCK ON! This story(called The Learning) was made into a documentary by the award winning Filapina filmmaker Ramona Diaz (pic to the right). It also features three other exceptional teachers from the Philippines. Please check it out at: http://www.pbs.org/pov/learning/full.php It is only available for full viewing until Oct. 20th. So hurry up and watch it folks!


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Powder Girl believes powerful women rock! Powderful girls are everywhere. My mission is to find you and show the rest of the world have fabulous you are!
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