Powder Girl of the Day: Concha Buika

In my research to find awesome women, I occasionally come across an individual that makes my jaw drop. Concha Buika is one of those women. She is a Flamenco singer, passionate and fierce. Is that what makes my jaw drop? No. She is a resident of Spain. Is that what makes me gasp in amazement? No. She is a beautiful woman. Is this what floors me? Absolutely not. What amazes, floors and leaves me excited and a-jitter, is the simple fact that she is an African woman. She is the only black Flamenco singer in the world. I have to say: I LOVE this woman. I love what she stands for, love her fiery passion and her musical rebelliousness. She lives for and abides by her own rules and people like that, particularly women, always engender my admiration. Life hasn’t been easy for her. The daughter of a political exile of Equatorial Guinea, she resided in the barrios of Spain’s Mallorca. As a child, she experienced personal loneliness and social exile. Often the only black person in the room, she was viewed with suspicion and skepticism by the Gypsies, English and German tourists she lived, danced and sang amongst. These emotions influenced her heavily as she grew up. Her life became a kaleidoscope of experiences, all of which permeate her music, creating a passionate vocal experience that is at once unforgettable and haunting. Melding jazz, African and soul to foot tapping dance rhythm’s, Concha Buika’s Flamenco is unique and refreshing. Before she was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2008, she tried her luck on the stages of Las Vegas as a Tina Turner look-alike. Leaving the broken streets of Vegas behind her, Concha returned to Spain. Choosing Flamenco as her musical medium of choice, she promptly became infamous for it. Her first album Mi Nina Lola was an instant sensation in Spain. Her second album, La Nina de Fuego, got her nominated for that Latin Grammy I mentioned earlier. She meets all my criteria for Powder Girls: fearless, daring, determined and brilliant. Check her out yourself. Here’s the link: http://www.myspace.com/conchabuika Unfortunately, she does not have a website of her own, not does she have any upcoming tour dates. I will try to find additional info about her record label, ect. In the meantime: Rock on, Concha. ROCK ON!


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Powder Girl believes powerful women rock! Powderful girls are everywhere. My mission is to find you and show the rest of the world have fabulous you are!
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