Black Writers Reunion and Conference Labor Day Weekend 2012

For all my writers out there, mark your calenders, stop procrastinating and start writing! Stop making all the old excuses: ‘No one will be interested in what I’m writing.’ ‘There are too many writers. I’ll never get published anyway.’ ‘I don’t have the time to write.’ ‘I’m not nearly as good as those other writers’. Maybe one or all of these things are true. Maybe none of them are true. Whatever the situation, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Start with this great conference and maybe you’ll become the writer you always wanted to be! Here’s the link: Also, you may want to submit a proposal for the conference either as a stand alone workshop or as a topic to be discussed during breakfast. Please check this out and stop letting procrastination rule your life!


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Powder Girl believes powerful women rock! Powderful girls are everywhere. My mission is to find you and show the rest of the world have fabulous you are!
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5 Responses to Black Writers Reunion and Conference Labor Day Weekend 2012

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  2. Author Shauna says:

    Great advice. I’ve been guilty of a lot of what you stated.

  3. pwdergirl1 says:

    I know, Shauna. I know! I’m halfway through my first novel and quite frankly, I have gotten lazy! It’s not that the entire manuscript is not in my head, it’s just that psychologically I am not moving forward…don’t know what the hell that’s about…I’ve given myself until February to finish it. That’s my deadline and I’m sticking to it!

  4. Author Shauna says:

    Yes, everyday life can be a bit distracting. Keep at it, you will do it.

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